I got so much out of my coaching series with Gina. During our time together I was working on launching my business so it was excellent to have her perspective when I felt stuck and overwhelmed. She was terrific at helping me sort through my (long) to do list and competing priorities – in fact I always felt clearer and more positive after our sessions.

Starting a business is a huge undertaking with many highs and lows and it was invaluable to have Gina’s support to work through those times.

As a coach Gina is warm, dependable and insightful. If you’re looking to create a more inspired and purposeful life, a coaching series with Gina would be perfect.  I have recommended her to my family and friends, which is a sign of how much I respect and value Gina’s guidance.

Felicity Watson

Personal Branding Coach

After publishing my first novel, I felt like I had lost focus on what should be my next move with my writing. I definitely needed some new goals and help with accountability, so working with a coach seemed like just the thing.

Right from the first session, I found Gina great to work with. She was incredibly supportive in helping me find ways to achieve the goals we’d set together but at times also encouraged me to look at things differently.  Having access to a different perspective and loads of practical advice was invaluable.

At the completion of our coaching series I really felt like I had made great strides with what I set out to achieve.  As a coach Gina was committed to maximising each of our sessions and I always felt like she was really invested in my success.  The sessions can get challenging at times but she has a terrific sense of humour, which for a comedy writer like myself, helped.

I got a lot out of our time together and would absolutely recommend Gina, particularly to those at a crossroads in their professional life and in need of clarity and support.

Samantha Napier

Author, "Dating the Alphabet"

Gina is an amazing listener.  Not only did she deeply hear everything I said, she knew exactly when to dig a bit deeper so that we weren’t just skirting around the surface of anything we discussed.

Working with Gina really helped me to shift my perspective and sharpen my focus.  We also developed strategies that have kept me on track well beyond the completion of our sessions.

I would recommend Gina to anyone needing a coach who can artfully and skillfully help them to unearth their potential. Her work is focused and disciplined while creating deep inner change.

Zanin Lawrence-Politis


Working with Gina has made me a more confident coach and given me the right tools to build my business.  I’ve found a way to be in flow with my business but still get a lot done. As a result, I’m experiencing less stress and more joy – in both life and business.

Gina’s positive energy made me feel calm, peaceful and safe. She always asked the exact right questions to help me shift my perspective and remain focused on the right things.

I would recommend Gina to anyone with a busy life who’s looking to create a more authentic version of success – she’ll help you find the balance between work, passion and fun.

Ashley Smith

Life & Passion Coach

At a time when I was feeling quite lost and stuck, working with Gina helped me to reconnect with the things that matter to me and bring me joy.

Gina weaves together a logical approach with intuitive insights in a way that gets to the heart of the matter and achieves incredible results.  Her supportive and compassionate nature ensured that my actions at the end of each session always felt manageable.  She is a tenacious cheerleader who consistently nurtured and encouraged my progress.

I would absolutely recommend Gina’s services to anyone who needs a coach who will really stick with them and help them to achieve their goals regardless of what challenges come up along the way.

Mandy L Smith

Wild Hearts Awakening

Working with Gina really helped me take back control of my finances.

I used to dread thinking about money, talking about money and spending money but not any more.  I no longer cringe at bills or avoid looking at how much money I’ve spent.  Not only do I have a budget now, I also have a healthy savings account!

Gina’s ability to connect meaning with money was a key factor that helped me to unpack my money stories and rewrite them.  Throughout our coaching series, she absolutely had my back and I felt completely supported.  Gina’s warm and inviting style meant that I never once felt judged for how I’d interacted with money in the past.

Gina helped me to get real and honest about what money and abundance mean to ME and it feels really good to be able to honour that.

Janelle Crawford

Authenticity Coach